Rascal Sons…. Is it possible to have family full of douchebags?

Sorry (for those who care) I haven’t been around that much.  RL has a way of taking over and my time management skills aren’t that great.

So any way.  Recently I’ve been attempting to watch Rascal Sons just because I’m a Seo In Guk fan. SHOUT OUT TO ANSWER ME 1997!!!  I struggle with this show so much.  The fact that there are multiple plots doesn’t bother me.  It’s the plots themselves. Catch up below..

This family drama will tell the story about the different characteristics of sons and deals with marriage and divorce in the means of trying to find the justice of love. —HanCinema  First Son, Yoo Hyun Ki (Lee Sung Jae), is a widower and single dad with a daughter. He hasn’t opened up his heart in a long time, but then Sung In Ok (Myung Se Bin) a single mom, enters his life, and he falls in love. Second Son, Yoo Min Ki (Ryu Soo Young) is a martial arts fantasy novelist who has been in love with the same woman, Lee Shin Young (Han Hye Rin) for ten years. Only she’s now engaged to his best friend. Third Son, Yoo Seung Ki (Seo In Guk), is the biggest troublemaker of them all. He marries his wife, Mi Rim (Yoon Se In) but divorces her because he’s a playboy. They married because he got her pregnant and has no choice in the matter. —Dramabeans

The parents are played by Na Moon Hee (awesome actress) and Park In Hwan.  Lets talk about Yoo Seung Ki and his douchebagginess O. M. F. G.!!  He’s a serial cheater that fears no consequences for his actions.  Finally his wife had enough of his shitiness and divorces him.  Momma goes balistic and wants them back together ASAP. Even tho’ he’s a fucktard that habitually cheats on his wife.  But, hey… She feels Mirim (wife) can make him grow up.  What the fuck ever.  Once a cheater.  Always a cheater.  I start cussing at the computer when the mom puts the wife in awkward positions concerning Seungi.  Even divorced and on parental home lock down he’s still a selfish bastard.  Why doesn’t momma get a clue and let it go? You raised a douchebag and should not be forcibly subjecting an woman to that.  Mirim made a good point about the situation when talking to the brother, “I couldn’t take it anymore and I didn’t want my son to grow seeing me bitter.”  I don’t know about you, but that says it all right there.  Did I mention Seungi is the youngest son?

The oldest son Yoo Hyun Gi is played by Lee Sung Jae.  His story is actually palatable to a point.  Widower with a small child vowing to stay true to his dead wife forever.  His personality is very timid and he’s all about filial piety, a K Drama staple.  He meets another widowed parent at his daughter’s school, they end up in some K Drama situations and slowly but surely they start falling for each other.  Ok. Great!  I’m good so far.   That’s when his nosy ass mom gets involved.  Not sure what is but she seems to have a problem with the piano teacher and takes it upon herself to call an old classmate to hook up with him.  Old Bittie say what??  The classmate, Sera is your typical K Drama love triangle second lead, selfish and delusional.  Apparently only her feelings matter.

Second son is Yoo Min Gi played by Ryu Soo Young.  On the surface he seemed normal.  A manhwa writer posing a female because he writes romances how cute is that?  Shit went down hill when he had to pick up his bf’s girl from the airport.  The look on his face when she came out the terminal clued me in to his plot.  Crap… A 10 year one sided love pine.  Wunnnnddddeeerrffffullllll.   At some point you have to let that shit go especially considering him and pinee kept getting put in pain inducing (his side) situation. Which come to head when they nosy-ass boundary less chick goes snooping thru his computer and finds A PASSWORD PROTECTED FILE which to normal people means it’s not for your eyes.  Now she’s all pissy, his best friend’s mother heard the conversation and she’s pissy and then his hyung accidentally told the best friends and he’s not pissy.  He’s actually more reflective and sad <—- interesting twist.  Now Mingi is off in the wilds licking his wounds.

So that’s where I’m at.  I don’t know if you noticed, but I seem to have a little problem with the mother.  She and her shennanigans just rub me the wrong way.  I guess because her actions seem to come from a place of what SHE thinks is good for her sons.  Not what her sons think or any of the people it affects.  This show is slated for 50 episodes and I’m only Ep. 11.  I hope I can make it.  There aren’t really any new or old dramas I want to watch and that makes me sad.


YOMYOMF….. Asian American Hilarity

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while.  There were a lot of different things going on, but hopefully right now everything’s settled.  Or at least on its way to being settled.  So, anyway check out this video from YOMYOMF.

Here’s their blurb…

YOMYOMF Network, launching June 12th, is based on the Asian American pop culture blog, “You Offend Me, You Offend My Family”. Programming will include both scripted and reality series. The channel intends to bring together creative and interesting individuals to share their points-of-view. YOMYOMF was created by Justin Lin, director of The Fast and the Furious franchise and Better Luck Tomorrow; Ryan Higa, YouTube star with second-most subscribed YouTube channel of all time; Kevin Wu, YouTube star with tenth-most subscribed channel of all time; and YouTube personality and musician, Chester See.

How hot are Sung Kang and  Harry Shum Jr??  I’m subscribed to their channel and so should you!

Fans/Netizens….. Get A Fucking Life


Today I was reading an article on AllKpop regarding Sunye of the WonderGirls public confession to being in a relationship.  Everyone knows that as a KPop idol being a normal adult in a healthy relationship is a No No.  Why?  Because the entertainment companies cater to the irrationality of the crazies.  Yup. Crazies.  You know my thoughts on these over controlling abusers. 

One of my major pet peeves with K Pop… the amount of control these “people” have over celebrities lives and the amount of control they think they should have.

So the fan comes up to her at a fan signing and starts this conversation….

“Do you know that you going public with your relationship has caused an inconvenience to the group?”  Sunye replied, “Do you really think that?” to which the fan retorted, “Yeah, I think you were really short on thought with that decision.”

Crazy Bitch say what???  

Let’s start with the fact that Sunye’s relationship is none of her damn business.  Then we can move on to, unless she is a member of said group she doesn’t know a mother fucking thing about the group dynamics.  We can finish up with, she’s lucky she was dealing with a gracious KPop celebrity (she handled it beautifully), because I would have given her a piece of my mind in not so nice words (see above, but worse).

Why are these people allowed to do that?  Why did this crazy chick think her comment was appropriate?? Where did she find the rust covered cojones to do this??

Until some of the more rational and mature folx start standing up to the batshit crazy people, the celebrities are going to be miserable and they’re going to stop.  There is no reason for these human beings to be sneaking around trying to interact with the opposite sex.  Who does that??  And what kind person wants to control someone else in such away? An abuser, that’s who.  Ya’ll need to think about that.

I’ll finish this rant with a repetitive line….. FANS/NETIZENS GROW THE FUCK UP!!!

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Confirmed K Pop Freak!

An article over at Seoulbeats about SHINee caught my eye Luvs me some SHINee.  Now mainly it talks about how SME has these grown men stuck with a little boy persona.  That I agree with.  The three main songs that they’ve promoted Replay, Ring Ding Dong, and Lucifer…  showed a gradual progression to manhood.   And I was all onboard the manhood train!  Yes I meant it just like that.  But then SHINee went to Japan and they regressed back to pastels and uuber aeygo Ugh.  Apparently Japan likes the little boy look.  Me personally, comes off pervy, but to each his own. 

Anyway, back to the original topic.  One of the commenters shared this little gem.  A song called Get It from their Repackaged Album: Hello, and supposedly written by Minho and Key.  I have a habit of not paying attention to a whole album because from experience I’m always disappointed.  So I pretty much just pick and choose songs as I hear them around.  I’m sorry I missed this one.  Oh and I never thought I’d get to hear Onew moan in ecstasy!  What do you think??

Lawdy Lawdy Lawdy!  If that song was seriously written by Minho and Key, then I feel justified in thinking that Minho is a freak and probably ripe for the plucking!  Yes,  I said that out loud.  What??  He’s sexy as hell! 

Note to Minho….  Minho-yah!  You want to roll with a busty high yellow sometimes red-head chick?  Holla at ya girl!!

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Does Your Throat Hurt?

Ok.  I just had to share this.  I could not stop laughing and everyone’s reactions were priceless!  Especially Junho’s.  Why am I not surprised.  Now that I think about it, Khun’s reactions didn’t surprise me either.  He’s so Zen like!


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2011 NYC Korean Festival




Damn its hot out here!! Ok. Im here. I actually got here 3 hours ago and only because I wanted a prime parking space, which I pretty much got and because I didn’t know where I was going.

For those of you that didn’t know, last Sunday at the Cherry Hill H Mart I stood in line to aquire some free tickets for the KBS KPop concert, only to have my hopes dashed at an early hour. I will not get into how unorganized and unprofessional the ticket distribution was, I already did that rant the day of.  Even tho I didn’t get any tickets, I decided to still roll to the festival.  Im glad I did :D.

The concert stage is smack dab in the middle of the festival itself! Yes the seating is being roped off as I speak, BUT I can see everything and I mean EVERYTHING standing away from the seating area.  There are 2 huge screens on each side of the stage. So I am happy. Im here with Blake and Elijah and they’re pretty stoked that they get to see the concert. So stoked infact Blake scored a SHINee T for$ 10 and got a 2PM T.  Im not goona rant about the XL that’s actually a XS (that’s my new lifestyle goal) im just glad I was able to get one at a decent price.  I also bought a cell phone deco.. its a bunch of 2PM pics. Kinda cute. I wanted a SHINee one, but those fangirls are vicious!

Right now im sitting in my car taking a break because im goona be here all day and I don’t want to tire my feet out too bad.  I have really bought any food yet, ptobably closer to 6 Ill eat something substantial.  And ill def try to get more pics and hopefully some video. I don’t know what the line-up is, the concert supposed to be over at 10 and there’s a whole bunch of people I don’t know listed. Fingers crossed they come out early. 

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Chick Down! Chick Down!

So.  I was robbed last Thursday. The victims of the home invasion were my laptop, a PS3 (with controllers and games), Wii (with all 4 controllers and recharge docking station).  Asshole theives left both power cords for the game consoles along with the sensor for the Wii, but took the whole dang surge protector that my laptop was plugged into, along with everything that was plugged into it along with my phone charger.  Rat Bastards!!

Let me tell you…. I feel like a crackless crackhead without my laptop!  I can’t practice my Korean or watch my shows!  I can’t even participate on my favorite blogs and websites!!  I swear to you I almost started scratching over the weekend.  It was bad.

But all is not lost.  I had the wisdom to purchase renters insurance, so now I’m waiting for my claim to go thru which should be any day now.  Of course I wont get full replacement cost, but it will still be a help.

So until then, pictureless posts, multiple spelling mistakes and seriously bad grammar (even more than usual). 😀

On a good note.  Today I received in the mail a Heart Strings/You’ve Fallen For Me guitar pick from DramaFever.  I apparently signed up for a contest and won.  Now I feel bad about not watching the last episode 😦 I have a good reason…… THE SERIES PISSED ME THE FUCK OFF!! I spent the last half of it railing at my laptop in psychotic frustration! Ahem….So Thanks Dramafever for the guitar pick and the premium subscription coupons and as soon as you use a payment method other then Paypal (we’re beefin’) I’ll sign up.

Ok. That’s it for now. As my mom likes to say at the end of her texts….. End Of Communication (yeah she’s alittle weird)

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